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I know I haven’t written in a while, but I have recently become a cat mother again, which has kept me rather busy. We don’t have kids, so to us, our animals are our everything. I adopted Shumba two and a half weeks ago, and then his brother desperately needed a home, so a couple of days ago I adopted Archie. They are adorable, but are quite a handful (double trouble), and as a result, I haven’t been going in to the park as often, nor do I even sit on the deck as much.

But never fear, for when I don’t get out, the wildlife seems to come to me :)…

And yesterday was just one of those days, “ one for the books,” as they say.

Gramps called me in the morning, and told me there were a pride of lionesses outside, and that I should make haste. So I grabbed all the essentials, Camera, binos, lens, and dashed out to the deck. And there they were, four beautiful lionesses sitting on the rocks on the river bend, where they so love to lie. It was the Vurhami ladies, and it made for a welcomed surprise, as they haven’t visited all together this winter season yet.